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Service Terms - Privacy Policy

By installing and using the application Twenty one (Application), the user of the Application (User) declares to Gigigo Mobile Services S.L., C/ Doctor Zamenhof 36bis, 1ºA, 28027 Madrid as provider and operator of the Application (Service Provider) that he/she binds him-/herself to accept the following Terms and Conditions of Use (Agreement) to their full extent and consents to the use of his/her data subject to the following data protection policy.

  1. Scope of use 1 . (1) The User is entitled to use the Application as part of the Service provided by Twenty One (the Service) on Windows Phone and Windows 8 devices. “Using”/”Use” is understood to include any permanent or temporary duplication (copying) of the Application as result of storing, loading, running or displaying for the purposes of operating the Application and computerized processing of the data contained in it. The User is entitled to perform such actions for the purpose of observing, investigating and testing the Application. The Application shall not be altered or reprocessed. In particular, company names, trademarks and copyright-notices contained in the program shall not be modified or obscured. 2. (2) A reverse translation of the programming code (decompiling) is permitted only to the extent permissible under Sec. 69e Copyright Act (UrhG). Reverse translations exceeding such scope are not permitted. 3. (3) The Use is further subject to the terms of use and the end-use agreement of the different Application Stores. The Application is created for the purposes of private, non-commercial use by the User. 4. (4) The Service Provider reserves the right to display or let be displayed ads by third parties and affiliated partners within the Application, without the possibility for the User to suppress such ads.
  2. Prohibition of Transfer Electronic retransmission of the Application to computers or mobile devices of third parties and dissemination of copies of the Application to third parties are prohibited. This applies equally to retransmission or dissemination for the purpose of a temporary transfer.
  3. Liability The Service Provider shall assume unlimited liability pursuant to statutory provisions for (i) damages resulting from injuries to body and health; (ii) in case of intent; (iii) in case of gross negligence. Without prejudice to the aforementioned scope of liability, the Service Provider is liable for slight negligence only in cases of violation of “essential” duties under these Terms and Conditions of Use. “Essential“ under this provision are such duties, that are necessary for performance under this Agreement, infringement of which would compromise the contractual goals and in regard to which you would therefore expect full compliance. In these cases the liability is limited to typical and foreseeable damages; in all other cases no liability for slight negligence will exist.
  4. Responsibility for Third-Parties‘-Content . (1) The Application is intended solely for personal, non-commercial use of the User and may not be transferred or in any other way passed on to third parties. In case of use of mobile services of third parties, the terms of use of such service providers shall be additionally applicable. Any use for the purpose of or related to commercial goals is prohibited, unless such use has been explicitly and in writing permitted by the Service Provider. 1. (2) The contents used by this Application are provided in part by third parties, whose services are linked with or integrated into our Service (e.g. FACEBOOK, Twitter). The Service Provider has no control over the contents of such third-party services and is therefore not responsible for the accuracy or legality of their content. This also applies in regard to the quality of the third-party content and its suitability to achieve specific goals, as well as regarding third-party contents displayed on interlinked external websites.
  5. Availability of Service . (1) Transmission of content on the basis of this Application is the sole responsibility of the telecommunication service provider of the User. The User shall bear the telecommunication fees for the transmission. 1. (2) Right of use regarding the Application exists only within the scope of technical and operational possibilities of the Service Provider. The Service Provider endeavors to provide a non-stop usability of the program. Occasional limitations or interruptions can occur due to technical defects (e.g. interruption of electricity supply, hardware or software defects, technical problems of data lines). 1. (3) The content and availability of external services integrated into the Application (e.g. FACEBOOK) are under responsibility of the external provider. The usability of the Application may be limited or interrupted, in case external service providers alter the content of their services or such services are subject to faults or failures. No right to service restoration can be claimed in such cases. The partial or full lapse of usability of the Application caused by faults and failures of external services constitutes no defect of the Application.
  6. Termination of the Agreement The Service Provider can terminate these Terms of Condition and Use for good cause and without prior notice. Grounds for good cause exist in particular, if the user violates the duties pursuant to sec. 4 or sec. 8 of this Agreement or, in case of infringement of another provision of these Terms of Condition and Use, if such infringement continues to exist following a reasonable grace period. The User is not permitted to use the Application after the Agreement has been terminated.
  7. Written Form Requirement unless these Terms of Condition and Use provides otherwise, any notices pertaining to the use of the software shall be made in writing or via email. The email-address of the Service Provider is [info (at) 21people (dot) co]. The postal address of the Service Provider is Gigigo Mobile Services S.L., C/ Doctor Zamenhof 36bis, 1ºA, 28027 Madrid, Spain.
  8. Prohibited Activities Any activities as part of or in connection with the Service that violate the law, infringe on rights of others or contradict to the basic principles of youth protection are prohibited. In particular, the following activities are prohibited: - display, dissemination, distribution or propagation of contents, services or products that are fraudulent or violate laws for youth protection, data protection or other laws, especially related to alcohol, tobacco and pornographic goods or gamble; - use of content offensive or defamatory with respect to other participants or third parties; - unauthorized use, distribution or dissemination of contents protected under the law or encumbered with rights of others (e.g. copyrights). The restrictions under this sec. 8 also apply to display of contents on internet sites of third parties, as long as those contents can be retrieved via the Portal due to its connection with external services.
  9. Data protection By confirming the following data protection policy the User consents that his/her personal data can be used and processed by Gigigo Mobile Services in their capacity as operator of the software application „Twenty One“ in accordance with statutory provisions, especially data protection laws: (1) Subject of the data protection policy (1a) The data protection policy applies to all services provided by Gigigo Mobile Services („Twenty One “) related to the application program „Twenty One“ („Twenty One-Service“) and governs solely the administration of the personal data of the User by Twenty One. (1b) In case the User uses external services via Twenty One-Service, the data protection policy of such external providers shall apply. Twenty One has no knowledge of data protection policies of third parties and does not evaluate them. sec. 9 para. 6 of this Agreement shall apply. (2) Personal Data Personal Data are particulars about personal and material circumstances of an identified or identifiable physical person, especially personal information like e.g. name, address, phone number and date of birth, as well as user-related information, necessary to access the service (e.g. log-in password). (3) Collection and use of data (3a) With any access to Twenty One-Service, Twenty One collects and records information about the used functions of the Service. Twenty One will not conflate the aforementioned data with personal data, the collection, processing and use of such data will take place anonymously with the goal of better understanding of Users’ behavior and improvement of the Service and advertisement activities. (3b) Twenty One -Service is based on the platform of the social network FACEBOOK, Twitter and Instagram. The full-scale use of the Twenty One-Service is only possible in connection with a fully activated membership account with FACEBOOK, Twitter and Instagram, it requires that the User has logged in under his/her FACEBOOK, Twitter or Instagram account. (3c) Twenty One utilizes Google Analytics, a web analysis service of Google Inc. („Google“). Google uses the cookies saved on the mobile device of the User to allow analysis of the use of the Service by the User. The data regarding the use of the Service by the User generated by cookies (including the IP address) will be passed on to a Google server in the United States of America and saved there. Google will use this data to evaluate the use of the Service, to compile a report to the Service Provider about the Service related activities and to offer further services related to the use of the Service. Google will also pass this data to third parties insofar as it is prescribed by law or as these third parties are tasked to process the data by Google. Google will not interconnect your IP-adress to other available data in its disposal. (4) Creating and transfer or user profiles (4a) For the purpose of continuous improvement of the Twenty One -Service and market research, Twenty One analyzes non-personal data collected and recorded from the User and links this data to anonymized user profiles, unless the User has objected to this. Twenty One makes sure that the anonymized user profiles will not be pooled with the Personal Data. In the event the User does not wish such a profile to be created, he/she can declare his/her objection to Twenty One via: info (at) 21people (dot)com. (4b) Twenty One will make the anonymized user profiles available to third parties for the purpose of market research. (5) Transfer of data to public authorities Twenty One reserves the right to disclose the data on a case by case basis upon request by a competent authority, insofar as it becomes necessary for the purpose of criminal prosecution, preventive measures of the police authorities of Spain. (6) Linking with external providers (6a) The Twenty One-Service uses application programming interfaces for FACEBOOK, Twitter and Instagram to connect the Twenty One-Service with the services of FACEBOOK, Twitter and Instagram. The user area of respective services will be distinguished / indicated by relevant logos and distinguishable graphic design. A call-up of the Twenty One-Service creates a connection with a FACEBOOK, instagram and Twitter servers. Upon activating the Service, FACEBOOK, Twitter and Instagram will be notified that the User has called up the Twenty One-Service. In case the User is logged in under FACEBOOK, FACEBOOK can associate the visit with the FACEBOOK account of the User. Please see the data protection policy of FACEBOOK regarding the purpose and the scope of collection, dissemination and use of the data by FACEBOOK and about the relevant rights and setting options Twenty One is not responsible for data protection by FACEBOOK. (6b) To enable access to services of external providers, Twenty One-service can contain links to websites, products or services of other companies. Twenty One is not responsible for data protection by such companies and recommends that you instruct their data protection policies. (7) Right to access The User has at any time right to be provided information regarding his/her stored personal data and its origin and recipients as well as the purpose of the data processing. Any questions regarding data protection can be directed to the data protection officer of Gigigo Mobile Services, Sergio Ramírez (email: info (at) 21peopl (dot) com). The User can request, modify, block or delete his/her data stored by Twenty One via the same email-address. (8) Data deletion Twenty One shall delete the collected data within twelve months, as long as such data is no more necessary for the purposes of collection and processing.
  10. Safeguarding Clause Should one or several provisions of these Terms of Condition and Use be deemed ineffective or infeasible, this shall not affect the rest of the agreement. The ineffective or infeasible provision should be replaced by a provision with economic and legal effects most similar to the purposes envisioned by the parties. This also applies to any regulatory gaps in this agreement.
  11. Applicable Jurisdiction The exclusive place of jurisdiction in regard to this agreement is the domicile of the Service Provider, insofar as it may be permissible by law.

TwentyOne is a new service created by Gigigo Innovation team. This new service comes with the idea of filtering the vast amount of information created by our friends in social networks. TwentyOne will help users to understand who is relevant and what content is most important to a user, bear in mind that a normal person can interact with more than 500 people in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks.

TwentyOne project is possible since it has been co-funded by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism of Spain as part of the National Plan of Scientific Research, Development and Innovation 2008-2011 (TSI-020601-2012-45).

Try TwentyOne and let us know what you think: